Learning about your Trio made simple


Let's Get Started

Fear not… No tools are required to enjoy your Nomodo Trio. Just go grab a beverage and your mobile device.

A Few Quick Steps

  1. Plug the included power adaptor into the unit. Once plugged into an electrical outlet, your Trio will begin charging.
  2. Place included mug (or any other cup of your choosing) on top of heating/cooling plate, properly aligning with the bottom of the mug.
  3. Press the power button once to activate cooling. Press a second time for the heating feature.
    *don’t get them confused or you’ll be cooling your coffee and heating your water
  4. Place your wireless charging device on the QI charging plate.
    *remember not all wireless devices are supported, so don’t get mad at us if you didn’t read the fine print

Keep Talking

A light will illuminate to show that your wireless device is properly charging. Don’t worry about slipping and sliding as a rubber ring on top of the QI charging plate securely holds your device.

Before We Go

Here’s some (what we consider) helpful tips:

  1. To power up the Trio, plug the adaptor into any electrical outlet. It’s that easy.
  2. Keep in mind there’s no on/off switch for the wireless charger. Your phone will charge automatically if it’s compatible with wireless charging. *We really want to be supportive so make please sure we’re compatible
  3. To get going press the power button ONCE for cooling mode. TWICE for heating mode. And a THIRD time to turn off the heating/cooling. *Your device will continue to charge regardless of using the heating/cooling feature

Trio Specifications

  • Weight (lb): 2.42
  • Dimensions (in): 9.3 x 6 x 4.6


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